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RP Craft

Descriptions and Recipes

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Wooden Chairs

Simple Chairs!  Available is all the basic wood types.  Right-click to take a load off.

Wooden Tables

Simple and rustic.  Individual blocks join together, make tables in all shapes and sizes!

Stone Chairs

Large and in Charge, Stone Chairs are bigger than their Wooden counterparts.  Excellent for thrones, monuments, and anytime you want the person sitting there to feel special.  Once again, right-click to sit.


Available in Polished Andesite, Polished Diorite, Polished Granite, Iron, Obsidian, Quartz, and Prismarine Brick.

Stone Tables

A bit fancier than wooden tables, stone tables work not just as a table, but also as an alter, the base of a statue, or even decorative molding if you're thinking large scale.


Available in Polished Andesite, Polished DIorite, Polished Granite, Iron, Obsidian, Quartz, and Prismarine Brick.

Carriage Lantern

When you want something a little more civilized than basic torches.  Can be put out by applying a redstone signal to the block it's placed on.


If you want to create a basic torch that can be shut off just as dramtically, simply sneak while placing a Carriage Lantern and it will look like a vanilla torch.

Colored Carriage Lanterns

You can add stained glass to Carriage Lanterns for a personal touch.  It also produces slightly less light, for that certain mood.


Dressers for your bedroom, available in all the vanilla woods.  Each drawer has a small inventory.

Hanging Shields

Made for decorating the walls of any good castle or dungeon.  Available in Wood, Gold, Iron, and Diamond with any of the 16 basic colors. 

Hanging Sword and Shield

Pair any Shield with a sword of the same material to really make your walls fancy.

Hanging Crossed Swords

You can also just cross two swords and hang those on the wall.

Chimney Top

The relatively simple block will emit smoke particles when a fire is located below it, making it an excellent top for a chimney (who'd have guessed?)


The Fire Block or lit Furnace can be located up to 20 blocks directly below or 1 block adjacent.


Mainly for decorative purposes, these crates provide perfect ambiance for a fight scene on the docks or obscuring the secret door in the basement.  Available in all vanilla woods.


Crates can hold a stack of an item and drop it when broken however, to allow Adventure Map makers to use them as crates have always been used since the very first Action RPG.  See the tutorial section on crafting crates.

Large Crates

Combine small crates to make a large crate.


If the small crates contain any items, those will be transferred to the Large Crate.


Goes well with Crates, currently only a decorative block.  There will be much more with the barrels coming soon.


Crafted with Aged Woods (see below).



Giant Barrels

You can make a Giant Barrel by building out Aged Wood in the right shape.  This is the first multiblock structure in RP Craft.  Above is the basic shape: Layer 1, Layer 2 , Layer 3.  Components are Stone, Aged Wood, and 1 Barrel.  You can make Giant Barrels from any of the Aged Wood, just use the same type of barrel.


These, like the smaller barrels, are purely decorative at this time, but come on, you know your map needs a barrel that can only be described as Epic.

Dried Wood

If you bake wooden planks in a furnace on low even heat, you can dry them out.  Once dried, the wood is perfect for aging.

Aged Wood and Rotted Wood

If you set Dried Wood out in the environment, it will slowly begin to age.


If it stays dry, it will turn into Aged Wood, which is stronger and more resilient than normal wood, and perfect for crafting barrels.  If it gets wet as it is aging however, it will rot through very quickly.


Aged Wood is slightly darker than normal planks and has about the same blast resistence as Stone.  It is currently used for crafting barrels.  Rotted Wood cannot be harvested without falling apart.  If you really want to put it somewhere though, a axe with SIlk Touch should do the trick.

Gold Coin

Coins currently don't do much, but are much better than Emeralds or Diamonds for a simple currency.


Eventually I will be creating a wallet to hold large quantities of coins, and maybe piles of gold as a block when you want a truly excessive treasure room.

Iron Nugget

Used in several recipes through RP Craft, Iron Nuggets are a familar sight and also used in several other mods.  Don't worry, these work in all those mods as well.

Iron Bar

Similar to the Iron Nugget, this is mainly used in other recipes.


An incredibly handy thing, useful for sticking things together.  You might have noticed it being used to seal the Crates above.  Will also appear in other recipes through the add-ins.

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