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RP Craft: Gadgetry

Descriptions and Recipes


The top of Firestone will light on fire when the block receives a redstone signal.  So long as the signal is on, the fire cannot go out.


Perfect for hidden passages in fireplace, burning tile puzzles, and all kinds of fiery fun.  Just be careful not to burn everything down.


Designed to turn lanterns into Street Lamps, these blocks will carry weak redstone power up or down their length.  It will disippate like normal redstone.


The signal is ONLY translated up or down however.  This, of course, also makes them helpful for other situations (such as the burning tile puzzles mentioned above).


Spikes will cause damage when you come in contact with them (basically every time you move while in them).  The amount of damage can be set in the Config, even set to instant death (if the damage in the config is set to -1).


Spikes can also be placed vertically, I'm sure you can think of some malicious reasons to do so.

Stained Spikes

Add some red dye to the Spikes for that certain you-may-not-survive-this ambiance.

Darkened Spikes

Throw Spikes in a furnace to add a gloomy elegance.

Stained Darkened Spikes

Of course you can add both, otherwise that would just be silly.

Stained Darkened Spikes

There's two ways to make these, depending on which type of spike you start with.

Trap Blocks

Currently Creative Mode only


Similar to Dispensers, except they don't have an inventory and therefore have an infinite ammo supply, Trap Blocks will continously fire/pour while a redstone signal is being applied.


Available in Arrow, Fireball, Snowball, Water, and Lava Flavors.


Creative Mode Only


The Lifeshard is unique in that when you pick up a dropped one, it restores half a heart of health rather than going into the player's inventory.


This means it can be used to restore player health.  Have dispensers with them in your PvP arena, put them into Crates and scatter them around an Adventure Map.

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