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A Day (Week, Month) in the Life of the Dragon

So my life has been incredibly hectic lately. Since there's a ton of things going on and I am just trying to get everything done, I figured I would let whoever might care what is happening for the next few weeks.

First, I have a new job! Woohoo! No need for details there except that I will have to travel for training, so I will have one entire week where I will be away from my computer, and possibly be insanely busy for the other weeks around it as well.

But that part is boring, so let's talk Mods! RPCraft 2.1 just dropped with the Giant Barrels. Completing the Giant Barrels marks what I considered Phase 1 for the main mod, as it now has all the pieces necessary for the add-ons I want to work on. However, I have found myself blessed with awesome responsibility for upgrading Millenaire to the current versions of Forge as well, so that will be what I devote all the time I can to for right now (barring important bug-fixes for 2.1 that may arise).

Once Millenaire is playable on 1.8.9 (which basically requires a total rewrite), next on the docket is RPCraft: Secrets. This is going to be an add-on that's similar to other mods which add hidden doors and mechanisms, but since RPCraft is designed for Adventure Maps they won't be perfectly hidden, as the famous mods do, but just mostly hidden, allowing the players of your adventure map or server to still locate the secrets if they are paying attention. Following that I will probably focus on reintroducing custom content to Millenaire (rewrite means the current systems will definitely be broken).

Following that, its up in the air. There are updates planned for Locks and Gadgetry. The next new add-on will be RPCraft: Foodstuffs which will be a modification to hunger and food, adding new ingredients, recipes, and reason to explore all the complex recipes of Minecraft. (If you wondered when the barrels will have purpose, they will be super important to this add-on). On the Millenaire front, there is serious interest in stables, a Bandit Village idea that sounds really cool, and my own idea of Capitals for each culture. On top of all that, everything will need to be updated to 1.9 soon, so I am certainly going to be busy.

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